Bringing transparency and accountability to cryptocurrency and traditional business.

    Xriba is the first protocol to add transparency to corporate cash flows, making them available on the public Blockchain.


    Pillars of accountability and transparency.


    The TokenCheck Foundation is a group of organizations dedicated to establishing accountability and transparency in the Blockchain sector. Xriba powers the financial transparency of TokenCheck Foundation clients and provides smart contracts for accountability. The foundation performs financial audits to check whether released funds have been used appropriately, and technical audits of code and other products to check whether milestones have been reached.


    To foster accountability funds collected during token sales are distributed to the company in tranches and linked to the achievement of milestones. A schedule detailing the milestones in question and the amount of funds to be released will be proposed by the fundraising company and detailed in their whitepaper. The funds release schedule is reviewed by the community, which is similar to the current token distribution model, and written into the smart contract for token sales . When the company indicates a milestone has been reached, a technical and financial audit is performed before the next tranche of funding to use in working towards the next milestone is released.


    Financial and technical audits will be performed before further tranches of token sale funds are distributed to the company, and published for full transparency. reports purchased will be scored on a scale of 0 to 100. Achieving a score of eighty or higher will unlock the next tranche. Scoring 70-79 will unlock 1/3 of the next tranche to allow for unprecedented success. Many users complain that there are not enough objective company metrics available in the Blockchain sector, by using audit reports we aim to provide an independent source of information about companies and their progress.


    Once funds have been sent for a token sale contract, there is little transparency, contributors have no view into how the company uses the funds. The Funds Transparency Dashboard is a solution which allows the community real-time visibility into the company's bookkeeping. Several methods are applied:
    - Blockchain;
    - Artificial Intelligence
    - OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
    - Mechanical Turk
    - Decentralized wallet.

    The process for accountability and transparency.

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    AI Technology

    Accountants, auditors and lawyers dedicate a great deal of time classifying documents and carrying out administrative tasks. Artificial Intelligence will support companies and their teams to reduce the time and cost of these tasks.

    Blockchain for companies

    Xriba will hugely reduce the time required to transfer financial resources between companies, and above all make accounts management simple, swift and secure. Our ambition is to modernize company banking services by automating bookkeeping Xriba is the new decentralized payment system in the blockchain.

    OCR - Optical Character Recognition

    Accounts automation. Thanks to our optical scanning software, which automatically reads and processes invoices and other documents, the time used for payments will be slashed by 72% over the year.

    Mechanical Turk

    Human Intelligence through API. The OCR system is supported by a team who monitors the process, therefore automating the entire bookkeeping procedure whilst maintaining integrity.

    Decentralized wallet

    Only the account holder will be able to process payments directly through cryptocurrency, avoiding payments via a centralized account. This will help creating a safe and secure company deposit account.

    This solution is already used by 10,000 clients.

    Transparency protocol scaled to a global level.

    Supported by highly successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

    Led by auditing entrepreneur and influencer Gianluca Massini Rosati.

    Hard cap of 19.5m.


    Xriba Roadmap

    1. Mastrobook

      Mastrobook is an opening chart for the early adaptors. Just 1,000 licenses on sale.

    2. Standard Protocol

      Defining universal standard protocol.

    3. Q3 2018

      • XRA listing on exchanges.
      • Consortium incorporation.
    4. Q4 2018

      • Business eWallet first release.
      • Xriba protocol to record bookkeeping in the blockchain.
      • FCA authorization in the UK to provide e-payment and be the custodian.
      • TokenCheck Foundation Marketing.
      • Mastrobook v2.
      • TokenCheck Foundation affiliation.
      • TokenCheck admin dashboard.
    5. December 2018

      Xriba Protocol dashboard and API documentation.

    6. Q1 2019

      • Xriba e-payment mobile app.
      • Xriba debit cards with direct reconciliation to bookkeeping platform.
      • Xriba integration with other bookkeeping software.
      • Xriba auditing for ICOs.
      • Mastrobook v3.
      • Xriba partnership with other bookkeeping platforms to provide his
      • 3rd parties software integration.
      • Xriba Crypyobook dashboard for ICOs.
      • Xriba auditing for ICOs.
    7. Q2 2019

      • Xriba cryptocurrency exchange authorization.
    8. Xriba full banking license.

      Xriba full banking license.

    Xriba Team

    Gianluca Massini Rosati


    Serial Entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business angel specialized in taxes, data entry and company accounts. He has more than 20 companies in 5 countries, employing over 150 staff. He founded one of the big five accountancy firms in Italy and counting more than 10,000 active clients in the
    last two years.

    James Noble


    Qualified in Software Engineering and a degree in International Business Information Technology.
    10 years in the FinTech industry. Experienced in managing large software development projects, bespoke customer solutions, with realistic goals. A no-nonsense approach, excels in motivating teams and simply ‘getting the job done’.

    Federico Pacilli


    Co-founder and CEO of Baasbox, a lecturer at the LUISS Guido Carli University teaching User Experience Design and Product Design in the pre-acceleration ‘Lean Start-up’ programme. Cryptocurrency and ICO expert.

    Antonio Di Casoli

    Quantitative Trader Specialist

    Professional trader specialized in Interest Rate Derivatives with tens of millions of profits made in over four years of banking experience. Expert in Financial Economics, machine learning and AI with an MSc from London School of Economics.

    Claudio Tesoriero

    Blockchain Developer

    Co-founder and CTO of Baasbox. Specialised in software analysis, mentor at the Google Launchpad Week and speaker at Droidcoin as well as at the Universities of Tor Vergata and Camerino. Author of ‘Getting Started with

    Andrea Tortorella

    Senior Developer

    Lead Developer at Baasbox, lecturing at various advanced mobile programming courses. Skillset spans a variety of sectors within software engineering; he conducts continuous research into innovative solutions.

    Andrea Agnoli

    CTO Mastrobook

    Co-Founder and COO of Bookkeeping Italia. Graduated in Economics and Business Management worked on BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), Integrated Administrative Services and Digital Highly -Automated Streams
    since 2012. Project Manager for more than 1,000 companies’ accounting services, directing many teams in R&D and data processing, working together with the most important players of digital innovation worldwide.

    Federico Viganò


    Experienced marketing manager with deep culture in digital marketing and conference lecturer. He has successfully created more than 100 marketing plans in companies between Switzerland, Italy and UK and in the last two years he has developed and founded two new companies in blockchain technology filed and worked as marketing consultant for some of the most successful ICOs, to name a few Eidoo, Luxochain, Ubiatar, BrikBit and Noku.

    Niada Argolini

    PR & Media Relations

    Niada attends University of Economics in Bologna. After her degree she creates her Events and PR Agency, NiKi Events. With more than 20 years’ experience in this field, Niada organizes events all across Europe, bringing beauty, efficiency and excellence to all of her creations.

    Clarissa Saccenti


    Masters in Law from the University of Florence. Driven, goal focussed and blockchain expert, she does not take “no” for an answer. A strategist who works best under the gun, she has a keen eye on the big picture and an unflappable quality that guarantees success.

    Jackie Liew

    Market developer for Asia

    In the financial sector for more than 12 years, started his career in Singapore with Standard Chartered and was closely involved in private residential and SME mortgage banking. In 2011, he joined Sing Investments & Finance Ltd a boutique finance house in a department that handles high-net-worth, SMEs, and corporate clients.

    Raffaello Borrelli

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    He started working in digital marketing first by freelance then in digital agencies where he developed skills and experience. After the University degree in International Relations, he attended the Prfoessional Master at “Il Sole 24 ORE” Business School. During this experience, he acquired many skills such as: market analysis, digital and social marketing, practical applications of marketing and communication plans, social media analysis and business improvement. He lived in London for several months to test himself, finding home and job in a short time and with a limited starting budget.

    Glynis Xie

    Community Manager

    6 years of hosting under her sleeve. She is an expert in brand management and social media marketing with plenty of experience, and she will make any brand looking amazing.

    Joel Sim

    Community Manager

    A Social Media and Customer Relations Executive at Fuze by Blend It Up, Accounting undergraduate at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, a champion public speaker and professional Emcee who has an interest in a wide array of subjects. He gets the job done. Always.

    Daniel Bosa

    Community Manager

    Passionate about philosophy, economics student at UniUpo, stocks and options trader since 2015. Discipline, organization, hard work: those are the keys.
    “If you can’t do that, you can learn It”.

    Simone Truglia

    Community Manager

    Degree in Software and Automatic Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome. Determined and ambitious, problems appear to him just as challenges to face and win.
    Growth-oriented dynamic mentality, he loves reading, maths, physics, coding and he’s strongly passionate about personal development.
    It’s not over until he wins.

    Giuseppe Marco Borraccino

    Community Manager

    Giuseppe has worked for many years as an intermediary in the real estate sector. At the same time he became passionate about blogging, radio speaking and communication. In 2013 he began studying the power of Digital Marketing. He understood the importance and evolution of social networks so much that he turned into his main job. Specialized in content creating and social media management. Voted to the law of patience, he is convinced that planning and constancy are the best ways to success.

    Laura Santelli

    Community Manager for Mastrobook

    Born with a passion for everything that moves emotions with words and images, Laura studied communication at IULM University, Rome, specializing in “Television, Cinema and New Media”. Before joining Mastrobook, Laura worked in different areas of social media marketing on online projects ranging from entertainment to politics. She is strongly curious, passionate and determined to always achieve the best possible results. Her mantra: “Conquer the stars.”


    Fabio Cannavale


    Billionaire. Digital Entrepreneur. One of the most significant Venture Capitalists
    in Italy. Founder of eDreams.com and Volagratis.it. Founder and currently CEO
    of lastminute.com, his group comprises more than 1,200 employees and supplies services to over 10 million travelers each year.

    Ian Morley


    Successful Business Angel and entrepreneur. President of Wentworth Hall Consultancy and Senior Advisor at Allenbridge Epic Investment Advisers. One of the key global players and a pioneer in the development of the hedge fund industry. Managed one of the first and oldest European funds. Has worked as an advisor for central banks, international regulators, and other international

    Stefano Tresca


    Fintech and digital transformation expert. A serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and tech investor. Founding member of Level39, the largest tech accelerator in Europe for Fintech and future cities. Founder of StartupHome, a
    co-living community for entrepreneurs.

    Lorenzo Ait


    A ‘Liquidpreneur’, i.e. Liquid Entrepreneur. ‘Liquid Business’ is a model characterised by the removal (or reduction) of fixed costs, which are replaced with a process of business model design.

    Davide Baldi


    Serial entrepreneur, expert in creating commercial networks, owner of businesses across a range of sectors including management consultancy, Blockchain projects and real estate development.
    Supplies strategies geared at growing Italian and overseas business, with a view of helping businesses go international.

    Lee Hills


    One of the founders of SolutionsHub, a company which develops start-ups for small-to-medium sized businesses, offering business consultancy, planning and strategic support services. Since 2009, he has successfully provided consultancy and multi-jurisdictional licensing services for eGaming. Following this, Lee increased his technical experience in the Blockchain and Fintech industries.

    Roy Reale


    Early investor in Ethereum. Founder of EtherEvolution, the most popular Italian-language news portal on Ethereum. Speaker at ImpattoReale events, one of the most rapidly growing annual summits, on the study of financial market evolution and the impact brought about by the Blockchain revolution.

    Gabriele Marazzi


    Involved in Blockchain technology since 2015, studying it from the perspective of an engineer. Founder of Spidchain, a company which uses Blockchain technology to improve digital identity management, guaranteeing users an increased level of security as well as simple and immediate use, at a reduced cost compared with current systems.

    Behrang Khorsandian


    Behrang is the Co-founder of the boutique crypto consultancy Ten8.io. He brings to the table 8 years of leadership experience and consulting work for the world’s top brands and crypto startups. Behrang is well connected to strategic partners and decision makers in the crypto sector.

    Jeff Ward


    Jeff is a lifelong technology enthusiast and Software Engineer. He has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2014, worked for several Fortune 500 companies, and is well versed in the inner workings and market cycles of the cryptocurrency sector. Jeff provides consulting and advisory services in areas pertaining to blockchain technology application, market strategy, tokenomics, and early stage funding.

    Luciano Quarta


    Lawyer, crypto and blockchain enthusiast, tax litigator. One of the first attorneys in Italy who studied the impact and the implications of crypto and blockchain technologies on the existing legal and tax framework. Luciano is one the founders of CeSFI (Center for International Taxlaw Studies) and a member of the Tax Justice Commission of the Bar of Lawyers in Milan.

    Naeem Aslam


    A former hedge fund trader at Bank Of New York and portfolio manager at ITC with more than a decade’s trading experience, Naeem is a regular guest on Bloomberg, CNN and other major outlets, and maintains a column for Forbes. He has lectured at the LSE, Warwick University and the University of Leeds, and regularly delivers keynote addresses at events and conferences around the world alongside senior financial and political officials. He is a member of the Global Blockchain Alliance, an organisation dedicated to encouraging blockchain uptake.

    Joon Jeong


    Joon Jeong is an educator and businessman with 22 years of experience in Korea and Asia. He trained many companies including Samsung in Korea and also ran education projects in Italy and India. In 2016, he became interested in the Blockchain business and started mining. He founded “SmartMining” in 2017, he now runs two mining farms in Korea.

    Jin Young Choi


    He served twice as the mayor of the city of Namwon South Korea, and later served as the CEO of Woorim Holdings Co ltd and advisor to the Korea Asset Trust foundation.  He served as chairman of the “World Franchise Congress” and the organizing committee for the “World Hub Industrial Expo” and is currently a special advisor at the University of Vietnam. He is currently the chairman of Bitbank, Eastnine and VisionGroup and is the Korean representative of Diconomy Lab.
    He is also the head of Korea for the Eurasia Block Chain Association and has a worldwide network of Blockchain.

    Dr. Lee Nam Sik


    Dr. Lee Nam Sik, the president of the global futures studies assocation, has a prominent career as presidents of Jeonju University, aSSIST, and Kaywon University of Art & Design. Also Dr. Lee adviced several successful ICOs such as Bluewhale foundation and ICON foundation. Through his strong personal networks, experiences provide very valuable breakthroughs during the ICO process.

    Luca Cotta


    Experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry and Fintech.
    Crypto ICO / PRE-ICO Manager Expert with more then 100M$ ICO sold-out.
    Skilled in Computer Network Operations, Computer Hardware, IT Management, IT Service Management, and IT Strategy.

    Token Sale


    Token name:


    Token symbol:


    Total supply:


    Circulating supply at launch:


    Soft cap:

    US $10,000,000

    Hard cap:

    US $19,465,500

    USA and China are not allowed to participate in the token sale


    XRA tokens drive uptake of the Xriba Protocol services. Many of the Protocol services are unlocked by holding XRA tokens. The greater the usage and popularity of the Xriba Protocol services, the lower the circulating supply of XRA will become:
    ● Xriba tokens are the payment method for services offered on the Xriba Protocol.
    ● When XRA are spent on services in the Xriba Protocol, spent XRA tokens are locked
    for 6 months, after this time has elapsed the XRA tokens are used for company expenditure.
    Xriba is a founding member of the TokenCheck Foundation.

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