Say goodbye to complex processes.

Thanks to Blockchain technology, just send an email to upload tax data. The optical reader developed by Xriba, equipped with OCR technology and machine learning IDR, will automatically categorize all the documents, freeing up precious time during which you can take care of the business development. With Xriba bookkeeping is always at your disposal and

Xriba: The Origins.

Xriba has its roots in the experience of the founder, Gianluca Massini Rosati, who in recent years has given life to an innovative and successful accountancy firm in Italy: Soluzione Tasse. At the base of this project, a precise objective: to support entrepreneurs as much as possible, by making small medium enterprises (SMEs) pay only the

Thanks to Xriba, you’ll pay less tax!

Are you a company owner? Then you must know how much the tax burden can affect your earnings, turning the income of your hard work and that of your employees into tax to be paid. In 2016, the average total tax burden to which European companies were exposed to was 40.6% of their turnover (from

More business and less bureaucracy: with Xriba bookkeeping becomes smarter.

Each day a great deal of time is spent managing company’s finances via online banking. So much time is wasted by either the entrepreneur or the accounts department in a company to access home banking, enter bank transfer details, reconcile invoices and verify payments: so much bureaucracy! You do not have time to even close