Ecco 5 problemi che costringeranno ogni commercialista a cambiare lavoro!
5 problems accountants would love to solve

Accountants are often the glue that binds a company together. However they have some issues that, if solved could make that glue stronger.   1. (Some) Technology Accountancy software such as Xero and Quickbooks means that more and more people are able to manage their finances without the help of an accountant. This poses a

Xriba Launches Xriba Pay, the First Business Wallet that Makes Crypto Transactions Easier and Cheaper for SMEs and Start-ups.
Automatically reconcile crypto payments into your company accounts

Start-ups and SMEs are currently struggling to make crypto currency transactions due to difficulty of converting the crypto currency into its equivalent local FIAT currency value. Right now, it can only be done manually – which costs them more time and money. There are currently 28 million people globally who want to pay in crypto

XRIBA: Focus On Your Business

Have you ever wondered what’s the most precious resource you have? Most successful men will tell you something unexpected: they’d say it’s time. Time flies like an arrow and when it is gone, it doesn’t come back.   Everyday millions of entrepreneurs waste great amount of time on administrative tasks which require little skills or