All You Need To Know About Xriba

Xriba is a blockchain based company that adds transparency and accountability to token sales. The company works with partners to distribute funds made from token sales to companies that are still starting up, and have a potential bright future.

Xriba has a community that can be likened to the token distribution model and their company does the review and analysis of the funds release schedule, oversees the distribution of funds to companies, and follows up on funds released.

A Corporate Cash Flow Platform

The corporate cash flow platform of the Xriba company, allows for a transparent analysis of funds sent to a token contract. The corporate cash flow platform in order to effectively function makes use of the blockchain, artificial intelligence, decentralized wallet through the hash time locked contracts

Improves Performance with the Blockchain

By making financial transactions much faster and easier between companies, Xriba improves the performance of the companies, and makes the management of finances more effective. This is made possible because Xriba uses the blockchain, and allows payment through a decentralized method.

Xriba Uses a Decentralized Wallet

Xriba as a company working on the blockchain, uses the hash time locked contracts to effect a decentralized wallet payment system. These companies working with Xriba’s token, can make payment with other cryptocurrencies. This is a good method employed by Xriba, as it means they have helped companies eliminate the services of middlemen and escrow managers, as well as the high cost that comes with engaging their services.

The decentralized wallet of Xriba also means payments and transactions on the Xriba blockchain is well secured, and limits the activities of hackers and crackers breaking into firewalls of its companies, which originally characterizes the centralized payment system.

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