Blockchain as an innovative tool in corporate administration: with Xriba businesses can make fast and secure payments

Managing corporate administration effectively is one of the great challenges of the future of technology applied to the business world. Xriba can now make it real: this new software is designed to record transactions quickly and simply thanks to artificial intelligence, allowing you to automate payments of invoices and the receipt of proceeds from sales, exploiting the potential of the Blockchain.

A real turning point for entrepreneurs who want to give a concrete boost to their businesses: a solid company with great prospects is also judged by how efficient the management of its whole accounting system is. Above all in today’s global market, where only 35% of companies meet payment deadlines.

Xriba is the right choice to stand out of the crowd, as it is highly innovative and is designed to eliminate delays in payments and the need for constant reminders. Let’s find out how it works.

The advantages of Xriba

Xriba offers businesses the possibility of automating billing processes, managing the relationship with customers and suppliers optimally and without intermediaries, freeing up time from low added-value tasks to focus on business development activities.

Security is another major advantage: using an automatic billing management system allows you to track every single payment within chains of blocks that remain unaltered over time, thanks to the technology behind Xriba, the Blockchain, for a really fraud-proof database.

Xriba also allows users to be aware of the level of reliability of their business counterparts: though its decentralized system it is possible to check the solidity and trustworthiness rating for each customer at any time by consulting the worldwide trust ranking.

Here’s why with Xriba transparency of business relations becomes reality.


How to pay invoices with Xriba

From theory to practice: this innovative corporate administration management software allows companies to first record and then pay all bills in a very simple way.

Each user has a personalized email address to send accounting documents to. Through a sophisticated optical reading system invoices are scanned, read and recorded in the application, automatically generating the payment schedule.

Upon expiry, personnel in charge of authorizing payments will receive a notification on their device to pay the invoice, with a simple click to confirm the sending of the money.

Simple, isn’t it?

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