La ragioneria è morta: Come affrontare l'evoluzione della contabilità aziendale per concentrarsi solo sul tuo core business!
The bookkeeping is dead: How to deal with evolutio...

The digital revolution and new technologies have shown how many benefits can lead to automate corporate administrative processes. Significant reduction of costs, greater energy to be used in other activities, possibility to monitor the profitability of its business. But how to deal with the evolution of company accounting and keep the focus on your core

Come ricevere finanziamenti grazie al token di Xriba!
How to receive financing thanks to the Xriba token...

Xriba are partnering with ETHLend a startup that provides loans backed by digital assets.   We have recently partnered with ETHLend a social crypto lending platform founded by the Stani Kulechov, an expert on blockchain technology and a strong supporter of the impact that this has on the whole financial ecosystem. The idea behind ETHLend

Ecco 5 problemi che costringeranno ogni commercialista a cambiare lavoro!
5 problems accountants would love to solve

Accountants are often the glue that binds a company together. However they have some issues that, if solved could make that glue stronger.   1. (Some) Technology Accountancy software such as Xero and Quickbooks means that more and more people are able to manage their finances without the help of an accountant. This poses a

Xriba Launches Xriba Pay, the First Business Wallet that Makes Crypto Transactions Easier and Cheaper for SMEs and Start-ups.
Xriba Launches Xriba Pay, the First Business Walle...

Start-ups and SMEs are currently struggling to make crypto currency transactions due to difficulty of converting the crypto currency into its equivalent local FIAT currency value. Right now, it can only be done manually – which costs them more time and money. There are currently 28 million people globally who want to pay in crypto

XRIBA: Focus On Your Business

Have you ever wondered what’s the most precious resource you have? Most successful men will tell you something unexpected: they’d say it’s time. Time flies like an arrow and when it is gone, it doesn’t come back.   Everyday millions of entrepreneurs waste great amount of time on administrative tasks which require little skills or

How Do XRA Tokens Work? What Can We Expect From th...

It has been a few days after our listing on Bitfinex, one of the top 5 crypto Exchanges. Now, let’s deepen our understanding of token features in order to better understand growth potential that will occur in the next months.   As everyone knows, there are different players in markets with different characteristics and targets.

Xriba – Project Features: Part 5

When Frank joined Xriba, his company was given access to a centralized account deposit and a decentralized wallet. Xriba designed these tools specifically for business customers, taking into account the need of numerous companies to be guaranteed security and flexibility. When a company joins Xriba, the system provides a centralized account deposit and a decentralized

Xriba – Project Features: Part 2

The Xriba app allows Frank’s company to have a new, bespoke email address, linked to his account. Thanks to this, PDF scans, invoices and other documents can be exchanged using asymmetric cryptographic key. Scanned documents are automatically processed directly from the custom email address in the Xriba accounts. Xriba ICO is underway. Find out how

Xriba  – Project Features: Part 1

Frank is an entrepreneur and when he’s on a business trip, he always takes his Xriba debit card with him. In fact, upon opening his Xriba business account, he was given a debit card for his purchases. Xriba debit cards can be used to pay for work-related expenses, in both fiat currency and cryptocurrency. The

Xriba has an efficient architecture

Xriba has built an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows companies and users to interact with its protocol for financial transaction management, in order to record transactions in the blockchain. In December 2018 Xriba Protocol dashboard and API documentation will be finalized and ready. With Xriba it will be possible to release one or more

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