Ecco 5 problemi che costringeranno ogni commercialista a cambiare lavoro!
5 problems accountants would love to solve

Accountants are often the glue that binds a company together. However they have some issues that, if solved could make that glue stronger.   1. (Some) Technology Accountancy software such as Xero and Quickbooks means that more and more people are able to manage their finances without the help of an accountant. This poses a

Xriba Launches Xriba Pay, the First Business Wallet that Makes Crypto Transactions Easier and Cheaper for SMEs and Start-ups.
Automatically reconcile crypto payments into your company accounts

Start-ups and SMEs are currently struggling to make crypto currency transactions due to difficulty of converting the crypto currency into its equivalent local FIAT currency value. Right now, it can only be done manually – which costs them more time and money. There are currently 28 million people globally who want to pay in crypto

XRIBA: Focus On Your Business

Have you ever wondered what’s the most precious resource you have? Most successful men will tell you something unexpected: they’d say it’s time. Time flies like an arrow and when it is gone, it doesn’t come back.   Everyday millions of entrepreneurs waste great amount of time on administrative tasks which require little skills or

Non hai partecipato al nostro webinar? Ecco 10 importanti aggiornamenti sul progetto Xriba!
In case you missed it. 9 important Xriba updates.

During our October webinar we covered numerous topics in order to update our contributors and supporters on our progress. Below, a summary in 9 points, of the main updates discussed during the live! As usual, once a month we hold a webinar to communicate to participants the steps taken by the group and the latest

Say goodbye to complex processes.

Thanks to Blockchain technology, just send an email to upload tax data. The optical reader developed by Xriba, equipped with OCR technology and machine learning IDR, will automatically categorize all the documents, freeing up precious time during which you can take care of the business development. With Xriba bookkeeping is always at your disposal and

Xriba: The Origins.

Xriba has its roots in the experience of the founder, Gianluca Massini Rosati, who in recent years has given life to an innovative and successful accountancy firm in Italy: Soluzione Tasse. At the base of this project, a precise objective: to support entrepreneurs as much as possible, by making small medium enterprises (SMEs) pay only the

Thanks to Xriba, you’ll pay less tax!

Are you a company owner? Then you must know how much the tax burden can affect your earnings, turning the income of your hard work and that of your employees into tax to be paid. In 2016, the average total tax burden to which European companies were exposed to was 40.6% of their turnover (from

More business and less bureaucracy: with Xriba bookkeeping becomes smarter.

Each day a great deal of time is spent managing company’s finances via online banking. So much time is wasted by either the entrepreneur or the accounts department in a company to access home banking, enter bank transfer details, reconcile invoices and verify payments: so much bureaucracy! You do not have time to even close

Manage payments and accounting easily with Xriba

Manage payments and accounting easily with Xriba Would you like to make a payment by swiping your finger across your smartphone’s screen? Or subdivide and file invoices simply by sending an e-mail? If your answer is yes, then you are ready for the Xriba revolution. This innovative, last-generation application exploits the potential of the Blockchain and Artificial

All You Need To Know About Xriba

All You Need To Know About Xriba Xriba is a blockchain based company that adds transparency and accountability to token sales. The company works with partners to distribute funds made from token sales to companies that are still starting up, and have a potential bright future. Xriba has a community that can be likened to