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Data Engineer/Data Scientist


4 Years

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We are looking for a Data Engineer/Data Scientist for different projects to automate the processing of accounting documents. We work with structured and unstructured data (XMLs, PDFs, scanned documents and photos, including handwritten text). Some of the tasks that we automate are:

  • Key information extraction for the purpose of automatic registration
  • Identifying documents association based on the extracted key information and reconciliation with different entities, such as invoices, payments or bank statements
  • Document validation and detecting anomalies on a company level for a better financial awareness of our customers
  • Combining multiple data sources and historical data to get contextual understanding of documents.
  • Providing data analytics and meaningful dashboards to our internal users and customers


Our challenges

We are a (hopefully growing) tech team of 15 people logically split in DEV and AI: Our product consists of the main application that connects to additional services, including AI services, running on kubernetes as web applications or spark jobs on GKE.
The AI services start with Spark jobs that are continuously processing large amounts of data. Other jobs, such as automatic registrations and documents associations, use that data applying different NLP and other ML techniques. For automatic processing of scanned documents and other images we use deep learning and OCR for text extraction.
Generally speaking, all our algorithms and heuristics are built in a way that the bookkeepers and accountants are kept in the loop so we are continuously receiving feedback and improving the models.
This is our tech stack
  • Data munging – mainly with Python
  • NLP & Machine learning: Python, Keras, Tensorflow, Seldon for AI model deployment
  • Spark, Java, Micronaut, Flask, JavaScript, NodeJS
  • Kubernetes, Docker, Prometheus for monitoring
  • GCP (Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud SQL, Cloud Task Queue, GKE, Cloud Storage, Google Functions, GoogleVision)


Our offer

Xriba aims to automate the accounting flows through ML and give a solid and realtime vision of their business  to our customers. We are moving forward in integrating payments, bank transactions reconciliation and we are taking our first steps in the crypto ecosystem. Please read more
Xriba is a startup and its technology stack is the foundation for a leader accounting network based in Italy and with a clear roadmap that aims to expand in other EU markets.
We offer:
  • permanent remote work even after pandemic situation is over
  • a clear job ladder structure with well defined goals
  • competitive salary based on experience and contribution
  • a product led approach with a strong engineering culture driven by all team member in an
  • awesome environment
We would love to expand these informations more in a pitch call so if interested please send your CV.


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