Designed for companies because we know how much your time is worth.

    Xriba will help you and your team save many days of work across every year, allowing people in your company to spend less time on admin and focus on business instead.

    Users will be able to process payments in just a few taps and payments will be automatically transferred and registered, saving time and the requirement of a member of staff to administer the accounts.

    Email address for automatic payments.

    The Xriba app links a custom email address to every account, to which scans of PDFs, invoices and other documents can be securely transmitted using asymmetric encryption keys. Scanned documents are automatically processed direct from the custom email address into the accounts.

    Screenshot from your smartphone.

    This functionality works in the same way as the custom email address. The deadline for payments and other information is processed through a screenshot from your smart phone. All documents, PDFs and payments the company needs to make are just a tap away. Xriba software will process staff expenses and match it against debit card expenditure.

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    Centralized deposit account and decentralized wallet.

    Xriba is a centralized deposit account and a decentralized smartphone wallet designed for business clients, granting safety and flexibility. When a company joins Xriba, the system will provide them with a centralized deposit account managed by Xriba and a decentralized wallet, which we call the Vault. It is the ultimate solution for managing corporate accounting, whether using traditional or crypto currencies.

    One or more debit cards for you and your team.

    Upon opening an account with Xriba, users will be issued a debit card for their purchases.
    Users will be able to make payments instantly using physical or virtual debit cards.
    The advantage of Xriba cards is that you can issue them to your employees or members of staff with specific card  spending limits and expenditure category limits. In addition, Xriba card holders are able make bank transfers.

    Stay on top of your spending.

    Monitor all operations, view easy-to-understand analytics and download transaction reports. Xriba automatically categorizes your transactions, allowing you to plan ahead and stay within budget.

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