October 25, 2018

How to receive financing thanks to the Xriba token!

Xriba are partnering with ETHLend a startup that provides loans backed by digital assets.


We have recently partnered with ETHLend a social crypto lending platform founded by the Stani Kulechov, an expert on blockchain technology and a strong supporter of the impact that this has on the whole financial ecosystem.

The idea behind ETHLend is to use the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to create a microcredit platform. The platform runs on Ethereum with ERC-20 tokens, and uses smart contracts, a type of contract secured and validated by the network that has the task of acting as guarantor for each transaction.

The main goal of ETHLend to make microcredit a available to everyone, even to those who don’t have bank accounts.

As we know the world of financial loans is currently guaranteed by trust or better, the borrower is forced to propose evidence of its possible solvency and to submit to the reference body all the information on its assets, in so as to offer guarantees for the provision of the loan.

In addition, the interest payments applied by banks or other entities amount, in Europe, to percentages ranging from 5% -15% against a percentage of interest paid to current account holders that hardly exceeds 1%.


What are the advantages offered by ETHLend?


This social lending platform allows anyone to lend or borrow money in digital currency providing security guarantees both for those applying for the loan and for those who make it, thus taking away from banks the monopoly of being the only type of institution that can deal with microcredit.

There are 3 basic, the advantages that can be drawn from this dynamic:


1)All transactions that take place on the platform are totally secure, thanks to the blockchain.


2) The commissions will be considerably lower than those offered by banks (generally around 5%) and this represents an opportunity for those applying for the loan.


3) The lender has the opportunity to generate income as a result of taking out a loan.


When a loan is requested, ETHLend activates a smart contract which, in a completely independent manner, ensures that the applicant receives the pre-established amount and that he/she has all the necessary guarantees to return the funds at a fixed date.


The guarantee lies in the fact that whoever asks for the loan must have a certain quantity of tokens, which are in any case digital objects of a certain value, such that they can be sold to the creditor if the loan is not honored as agreed.


Through this platform it will, therefore, be possible to lend money to anyone, anywhere in the world, with the guarantee of getting back their money plus interest by a fixed date.

In fact, it is a peer to peer technology that does not require a third person over the parties as a notary who stipulates the contract by further reducing the costs of such transactions.

It follows, the ability to lend their money even to complete strangers as a form of investment with the certainty of recovering the invested capital by a certain date and of course with a profit.


How the partnership with Xriba works


It will essentially allow you to receive loans by supplying the Xriba tokens (XRA) as collateral as well as trade tokens and cryptocurrency for profit.

Below is a hypothetical diagram that depicts how the partnership works.


Suppose John is convinced that in 6 months time the value of Ether will increase.

He can use his XRA tokens as collateral, to take out a loan in dollars, equal to 75% of the amount of XRA in his possession at 5% interest.

Come ricevere finanziamenti grazie al token di Xriba!


$100,000 worth of  XRA tokens is equivalent to a loan of $ 75,000.00.

With the amount received, John buys Ether at a value of $ 280.00.

After 6 months the value of Ether increased to $ 500.00, resulting in a profit that will allow John to repay the loan before any interest is accrued.

John can sell his Ether which is the equivalent to $ 78,000.00 and make a profit.


Here, John doubled his income by:


1)Returning the loan in dollars;


2) Over time the value of XRA tokens has increased.


In another example John believes that in 6 months, the value of the Ether will fall. As summarized in the slide below, always granting his XRAs as collateral, rather than being financed in fiat currency, he asks for a loan in Ether.

He is always granted a loan equal to 75% of the amount of XRA in his possession at 5% interest.

Come ricevere finanziamenti grazie al token di Xriba!


In this case with an equivalent of $ 100,000.00 of XRA is equivalent to 150 ETH but rather than holding onto it he sells it immediately.

If the starting price of 1 ETH is $ 500.00, it generates an equivalent value of $ 75,000.00.

Six months later, the value of ETH fell to $ 250.00, so John recovers the ETH 150 received on loan (again gross of the commission of interest received) making a profit this time in dollars, of about $ 35,625.00.

This allowed him to make money from two sources:


1)Returning the loan to ETH and making a profit;


2)Over time, the XRAs that had used to secure the loan have also increased in value.


What are the benefits of this?

The decentralized loans of ETHLend don’t require personal collateral, so no need to guarantee tangible assets.

The time taken to approve the loan is quicker than traditional banks.


You can make a profit by taking out a loan.

If you want to receive a loan today click the link below.



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