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Full Remote

Job Type

Data Engineer


4 Years

Financial Accounting and Transparency can be done better: founded in 2018, Xriba uses Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology to simplify the process for our customers and provide meaningful KPI to bring their business to the next level.

Based in Rome (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain) we want to build an awesome tech team that follows agile principles to deliver value to our users.

What we do in the AI team

We are looking for a Data Engineer for a project of automating the processing of accounting documents. We work with searchable PDF documents, scanned documents and photos, including handwritten text:

  • Automating accounting processes: Extract key information from documents and making autonomous registrations

  • Document validation and detecting anomalies on a company level for a better financial awareness of our customers

  • Combining multiple data sources and historical data to get contextual understanding of documents.

Our technical approach:

  • Integration of different systems in order to automate registration of accounting documents

  • Algorithms and heuristics that learn from previous mistakes and improve with every new document processed

  • Streaming and batch data processing (Spark)

  • Machine learning for various Classification & Clustering tasks on document data

  • Neural networks / Deep learning on scanned documents and other images

  • Natural Language Processing

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for text extraction

Relevant technical skills

  • Python, Spark

  • Kubernetes, Docker, Prometheus for monitoring

  • GCP (Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud SQL, Cloud Task Queue, GKE, Cloud Storage, Google Functions)


  • Java, Flask, JavaScript, NodeJS

  • Machine learning: Python, Keras, Tensorflow, Seldon for AI model deployment

  • Google Vision for OCR

  • Fluent in English both written and spoken

What we offer

  • Permanent remote work even after pandemic situation is over

  • An international multicultural team

  • A clear job ladder structure with well defined goals

  • Competitive salary based on experience and contribution

  • A product led approach with a strong engineering culture driven by all team member in an awesome environment