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4 Years

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Xriba is looking for a Senior Devops Engineer to help us build our Api Ecosystem and scale our current and future products for a broader market. The main goals are to consolidate current kubernetes setup with a special focus in:

  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Tooling for automation of development and operativity flows of our services
  • Training of other peers on above practices
  • Buildup a devops philosophy inside the team
  • Costs management strategy and monitoring on Cloud providers

Xriba infrastructure is growing rapidly and the initial setup is moving from Azure to Google Cloud:the goal is to run all services and processes on Kubernetes while having a set of tools and practices that allows us to build and run our products fast and with a metric oriented approach.The devops philosophy @ Xriba is currently built by software engineers so the devops person will also be in charge of developing it while training both Dev and AI team on best practices.

Our infrastructure

We are a team of 15 people logically split in DEV and AI:our main product is a monolith running in Azure while all new services are running on kubernetesas web applications or spark jobs on GKE. We use extensively pub/sub architectures for the asyncronous flows while we lean towards rest apis for syncronous inter process communications.

We have thanos/prometheus/grafana stack for monitoring and, while we prefer cloud provided datasource for relational data we are now testing running nosql databases (Elasticsearch andCassandra) directly on k8s cluster.On azure we use app insights for monitoring and mainly app services for running our beloved monolith (that we are breaking apart FYI) and MSSQL as our products’ main datasource.We use several programming languages depending on the use cases that we need to deliver but mainly C# (.net core), java and node js in the DEV team while python is the language of choice for the AI Team.


What do we offer?

Xriba aims to automate through ML the accounting flows and give to our customers a solid andrealtime vision of their business. We are moving forward in integrating payments, bank transactions reconciliation and we are taking our first steps in the crypto ecosystem. Please read more.

Xriba is a startup and its technology stack is the foundation for a leader accounting network based in Italy and with a clear roadmap that aims to expand in other EU markets.

We offer:

  • permanent remote work even after pandemic situation is over
  • a clear job ladder structure with well defined goals
  • competitive salary based on experience and contribution
  • a product led approach with a strong engineering culture driven by all team member in an awesome environment

We would love to expand these informations more in a pitch call so if interested please send your CV.