Manage payments and accounting easily with Xriba

Would you like to make a payment by swiping your finger across your smartphone’s screen? Or subdivide and file invoices simply by sending an e-mail? If your answer is yes, then you are ready for the Xriba revolution.

This innovative, last-generation application exploits the potential of the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to offer a state-of-the-art service, with the goal of making the management of company finances quick, efficient and effortless.

With the current methods, companies are forced to invest time and money in administrative work. With Xriba, a few clicks in total safety allow for the management of a company’s financial assets as well as the monitoring of cash flows and liquidity.

All in one tool.

Record invoices and pay in a smart way with Xriba

With Xriba companies have the opportunity of transforming all administrative documents, be they invoices, credit notes, receipts and many more, into a request for a payment to be received or made.

Every new company that chooses Xriba will be able to access a centralized deposit account, available also to collaborators, and a wallet in cryptocurrency available exclusively on the entrepreneur’s smartphone, through which payments will be possible.

Every account will have a personalized e-mail box to send administrative documents which will be uploaded in full autonomy on the platform’s calendar. This autonomy stems from Artificial Intelligence: by using a complex optical reading system OCR and machine learning, Xriba will make the management of a company’s finances automatic, literally revolutionizing the life of the company.

This is not all. Xriba will also monitor and reconcile all expenses made by the entrepreneur and his/her collaborators with debit and credit cards, both in fiat money and cryptocurrency.

Xriba keeps the company’s finances under control

All the company’s financial assets will always be under control with the Xriba platform. Thanks to this new digital application, which exploits the principles of the Blockchain, payments can be kept under control in real time and total transparency.

Through its asymmetrical key cryptography system, which prevents fraudulent transactions, the whole company’s financial history will be at the user’s disposal, without limitations or deleted data.

By exploiting Xriba’s analytics system to its maximum level all transactions and budget needs will be verifiable and it will become possible to single out costs that eat into the company’s liquidity. All of this will contribute to reshaping your business.

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