Each day a great deal of time is spent managing company’s finances via online banking.

So much time is wasted by either the entrepreneur or the accounts department in a company to access home banking, enter bank transfer details, reconcile invoices and verify payments: so much bureaucracy!

You do not have time to even close a credit note, that it’s already time to pay the salaries. However, treasury-related tasks can’t be managed with little attention. On the contrary, you have to be very careful.

What to do to get rid of bureaucracy without incurring in bad accounting management?

Xriba is the answer.

Xriba allows you to save time and money!

Way too often considerable economic resources are allocated to pay employees and consultants, who are on the other hand forced to deal with the data entry on a daily basis. With Xriba you can avoid this.

To support the applications designed to make registration of company accounts quick and easy, there is Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Together, these 2 elements will revolutionize treasury management, without limits.


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