May 18, 2018

No more bank commission fees with Xriba

No more bank commission fees with Xriba

A company has thousands of banking operations to perform every year. Dozens of money transfers to make every single day using the bank’s online platforms, hundreds of salaries to pay every month, suppliers to pay.

A fee to pay for every operation

As we very well know, each and every one of these banking operations has a cost. And little by little a hefty banking bill builds up, which can significantly eat into a company’s profits.

Other means of payment (debit and credit cards, for example) have monthly or annual fees, as do taxes on securities accounts.

Banks are simply too expensive

Do we really have to yield to the power of banks, bow our heads and open our wallets when many of the costs and commissions are anything but justified? Isn’t there an inexpensive alternative that guarantees the same degree of reliability as the traditional banking system and that may offer innovative solutions in order to manage the company finances in a more intelligent way?

Today this does exist. Its name is Xriba.

Xriba makes saving money smart

Xriba is a platform designed to make the management of a company’s revenues and payments more efficient by digitalizing processes. It also reduces costs significantly by definitively eliminating bank fees.

With Xriba all operations are unlimited, with no extra costs attached to the number of operations performed.

And this is not the only advantage: Xriba effectively opens the door to the future, transforming every type of business into a smart company, by allowing payments in cryptocurrencies and connecting its innovative management solutions to traditional accounting practices.

This happens thanks to the Blockchain: the whole management of a company’s accounts is integrated in its structure, which allows for a quick reconciliation of transfers in cryptocurrency in the company’s balance sheet.

With Xriba recording transactions in digital currency and filing the relative accounting documents is intuitive, quick and inexpensive.

Cut useless costs and transfer time using Xriba and the Blockchain

Xriba offers a revolutionary service aimed at helping traditional companies familiarize with Blockchain technology, reducing costs and maximizing revenues.

This marks a significant step forward for companies: using Blockchain technology they can not only eliminate hefty bank fees, but also reduce the time to transfer financial resources between companies to virtually zero, thereby creating a system of exchange which is safe and quick.

Don’t just dream about a smart future: with Xriba decentralizing payments and automating accounting operations becomes reality.

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