May 18, 2018

No more bank intermediaries: direct contact amongst companies with Xriba

No more bank intermediaries: direct contact amongst companies with Xriba

Until a few years ago the chance to use disintermediated bank services — that is, services not subject to a centralized and vulnerable control system — was pure fantasy. This scenario represents nowadays a great opportunity.

It is undoubtedly because of Blockchain. The innovative technology allows to create an unalterable, fraud-proof trading system, as well as some state-of-the-art technology designed to fully exploit its potential.

This is Xriba, the application capable of revolutionizing the way of doing business. It makes companies become real Digital Smart Companies. Let’s understand how.

One-to-one companies relationships: Xriba makes the business language to be shared by all

Xriba is the innovative software conceived to manage the company treasury in an easy, fast and safe way by exploiting Blockchain’s potential.

Thanks to either artificial intelligence and a OCR complex machine-readable system, Xriba will be capable to go through all the company files, transforming every single attachment in either a payment to be done or a receipt to be collected.

And that is not all: Xriba in fact will enable companies to pay clients and suppliers either with fiat currencies or digital ones. Thanks to the Ethereum structure, which will stand in place to guarantee all the transactions carried out via Xriba, next-generation entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to manage the whole accounting without necessarily rely on the bank system.

It is all true: with Xriba it is really possible to get a direct trading amongst companies. All payments will be managed in an automatic and decentralized way and a transparent relationship amongst enterprises will take place.

Speed, safety and saving: with Xriba we can forget the bank charges

Thanks to Xriba, an innovative software, transferring timings of money will be completely reset: there will be no need to go through intermediaries, in order to make a payment, but it will be authorized and sent to destination with a simple click. Long queues to bank counters and post offices will only be a thing of the past.

The absence of intermediaries, contrary to what is supposed, will increase transactions’ safety level: thanks to Blockchain, in fact, every single payment will be tracked irreversibly throughout time.

A system of trust — as guaranteed by Blockchain and Xriba — being fast, safe, but convenient as well in terms of time and money: all those days, wasted by manually managing bank services and accounting, will become precious hours to be dedicated to some great added value activities.

And there is more: the absence of bank intermediaries will enable companies to reset the much hated transaction charges on behalf of a smart and efficient trading system.

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