Thanks to Blockchain technology, just send an email to upload tax data. The optical reader developed by Xriba, equipped with OCR technology and machine learning IDR, will automatically categorize all the documents, freeing up precious time during which you can take care of the business development.

With Xriba bookkeeping is always at your disposal and under control.

Every company knows how important it is to keep track of accounting transactions. Not only that: in addition to recording the operations carried out it is necessary to categorize, for each of them, the relative details.

If you’re not careful enough you can put the management of the cash flow of your company at risk.

From today however, thanks to Xriba, receipts to be received and payments to be made will become automatic tasks. The app on the entrepreneur’s smartphone will automatically allow to authorize payments or monitor receipts and invoicess in a simple click.

With Xriba the company’s liquidity is always under control, allowing for better planning of and improved business development, so that the economic resources saved can be invested in research and innovation.

With Xriba, you finally have a reliable ally to contribute to your success!

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