Time can be converted into added value thanks to Xriba

All companies today are forced to face an enormous amount of working time to manage payments, invoices and, more generally, corporate accounting.

There is a lot of bureaucracy that cannot be postponed and which, consequently, takes time away from value-added activities, so precious for increasing the business and getting every company on the market off the ground. However, Xriba will change things: the new innovative platform, in fact, will make it possible to automate all cash management operations, which by saving time and personnel will be aimed at developing the company.

Accounting is our DNA

Xriba dramatically simplifies administrative processes and provides companies with a complete set of dashboards to guide their business in an informed way.

3000 companies

It is already used by around 3,000 companies and integrates seamlessly with corporate IT systems by combining with all accounting needs.

Network of 60 accountants

Through the platform, all the processes between the company, the accountant and the accountant are automated with numerous other additional services

See our Artificial Intelligence applied to Accounting See our Artificial Intelligence applied to Accounting
See our Artificial Intelligence applied to Accounting

See our Artificial Intelligence applied to Accounting

Find out what are the advantages of our Artificial Intelligence? Click play on the image above!

Xriba puts the most innovative technology at the service of people

The advantages deriving from the product that is revolutionizing accounting.

Reduction of the time that people dedicate to activities that do not value them. Every second saved is a second to devote to what really matters;

Reduction of costs associated with greater automation of administrative processes.

Through our CED and the tools provided by Artificial Intelligence, we give all companies the opportunity to outsource accounting management.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for every companies


Simplification of administrative processes

Management Control

Business intelligence and Management Control

Bank Reconciliation

Automation of bank reconciliation process