A system that makes autonomous decisions and is able to learn and improve.

Advances in computer power, the availability of huge amounts of data, and the development of new algorithms have led to great leaps in technology in recent years. AI systems are able to adapt their behavior by analyzing the effects of previous actions and working independently. AI is central to the digital transformation of society: future applications could bring about great changes, but we must not forget that artificial intelligence is already present in our lives.

Artificial Intelligence for every company

Artificial intelligence is used in four distinct areas of the Xriba backend.

The recognition of documents and their content is carried out by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithmic models. This is a technique for detecting text within a digital image. OCR software can transform a physical paper document or image into digital text.

The algorithms provide a record from the reports of economic / financial events. The data identified by the OCR will also be examined in depth.

The third aspect of the artificial intelligence system makes it possible to automatically identify user problems that arise and seek solutions without customer assistance having to intervene. There is also a machine learning system that provides solutions based on previous experience provided by customer support.

Thanks to structuring algorithms, which study the various patterns or habits of the company (costs, invoices, payment times and income, preference of the products purchased, etc.) have a complete picture of the business trend, identify the reducible costs and their main sources of revenue towards which to develop the business.

See our Artificial Intelligence applied to Accounting See our Artificial Intelligence applied to Accounting
See our Artificial Intelligence applied to Accounting

See our Artificial Intelligence applied to Accounting

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Some AI solutions applied to accounting

Cataloging of costs and revenues in the records identified according to the accounting and tax regulations in force;

Reconciliation of the accounting records with the closing of the same in case of entry of funds or payment;

VAT categorization according to current legislation;

Opening of customer or supplier credit or debit notes and adjustments to provisions

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for every companies


Simplification of administrative processes

Management Control

Business intelligence and Management Control

Bank Reconciliation

Automation of bank reconciliation process