Posting of bank movements in accounting and automatic bank reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is a procedure aimed at verifying the correspondence between the balance of the general ledger account, with the movements of the bank account inside, and the statement of the same account issued by the bank. It is one of the most important financial control processes, which verifies that the economic resources of a company are used correctly to achieve company objectives.

Having reliable data available is the first step in implementing a savings and process optimization policy

Bank reconciliations are not a mandatory process, but they are highly recommended for any type of company: having reliable and correct data available is the first step in implementing a savings and process optimization policy.

With automatic reconciliation, you have up-to-date data on company bank movements and quality information that can facilitate decision-making.

By automating the reconciliation process, you save time and useful resources to devote to the activities that matter.

Thanks to the AISP license and the integration with the tax drawer, your authorization is enough to carry out the reconciliation automatically.

Xriba offers its customers new features to automate bank reconciliation tasks

AISPs can connect to bank accounts to retrieve information they need for several reasons: to have an overview of their financial situation, to analyze their spending habits, future financial needs in an easy and fast way. They will help us carry out actions such as monitoring investments and recommendations, categorizing spending, supporting budgeting and financial planning.


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