Use numbers to make more reasoned business choices

Within companies, numbers are everywhere. Data can be obtained from production processes, from the warehouse, from work orders, from financial management, etc.

Management control has the purpose of ordering and synthesizing these data to make them understandable to the company figures who are called upon to make decisions every day.

Business intelligence and Management Control

Xriba dramatically simplifies administrative processes and provides companies with a complete set of dashboards to guide their business in an informed way.


Automate accounting processes as much as possible to reduce costs and allocate time to value-added activities;


Use accounting data to produce information that gives entrepreneurs a solid foundation on which to make decisions;

Xriba puts the most innovative technology at the service of people

The advantages deriving from the product that is revolutionizing accounting.

It allows you to have an overview up to go into the detail of each individual budget item.

You can monitor the 2 key performance indicators to understand the progress of your company.

It allows you to analyze in detail all your customers and suppliers to check which is the most profitable.

Reminder on all payment deadlines on sales invoices and purchase invoices.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for every companies


Simplification of administrative processes

Management Control

Business intelligence and Management Control

Bank Reconciliation

Automation of bank reconciliation process