Are you a company owner? Then you must know how much the tax burden can affect your earnings, turning the income of your hard work and that of your employees into tax to be paid.

In 2016, the average total tax burden to which European companies were exposed to was 40.6% of their turnover (from “Paying Taxes” – PwC and World Bank Group).

Worrying data, obtained taking into account 2 fundamental aspects of process evaluation: the amount of taxes in force for companies in the country of origin and the time spent by companies to meet all fiscal obligations.

Great deal of the turnover not only in taxes, but it is absorbed by the collateral activities necessary to manage the entire company accounting. This thing is bad for the business and it is unacceptable!

On this aspect was born the innovative and ingenious intuition of Xriba: a platform of the latest generation able to exploit Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to lower the tax burden of companies, managing the Company treasury automatically and transparently.

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