Have you ever wondered what’s the most precious resource you have? Most successful men will tell you something unexpected: they’d say it’s time. Time flies like an arrow and when it is gone, it doesn’t come back.


Everyday millions of entrepreneurs waste great amount of time on administrative tasks which require little skills or creativity; they could use the time spent on these tasks on more productive and meaningful ones, something that could make an impact on their organizations.


The time spent on these monotonous tasks often creeps up on these entrepreneurs, minutes turn into hours, hours into days and before you even know it, months of man-hours have been squandered.


What if there was a way to save up to 72% of the time spent on these tasks? What if you were able to save 176 hours a year – ie 22 working days? How would you use it?


“Entrepreneurs were made to prosper, to have brilliant ideas and bring them to life putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.” – Gianluca Massini Rosati


The real goal is to spend more time investing yourself and your talent into growing your business.


Imagine what would you do if tomorrow you could:

=> Forget about logging into your internet banking?

=> Pay a supplier invoice simply with a swipe from your smartphone?

=> Control your company’s financial statement in real time?


You don’t have to use your imagination anymore, time has come!


A solution for entrepreneurs to REALLY live, the solution is XRIBA ecosystem.


Thanks to XRIBA, you will no longer have to make endless calculations to check on your company, all you’ll have to do is to check your KPIs from your smartphone.


For instance, say you have to pay a supplier: you will no longer have to enter all beneficiary details, reference, amount, etc … and you won’t have to wait for the SMS verification from your bank or to deal with the one-time code pin. You’ll just need to take a photo of the invoice and a simple swipe on your smartphone.


XRIBA is always with you and we got your back! XRIBA does the dirty work on your behalf, allowing you to stay focused on your business.


Boost your company’s growth!


XRIBA ecosystem is in the Beta phase at the moment, but the first 10,000 licenses are going to be released soon.


If you want to start saving time and having a suite of advanced tools to helps improve your business, request an invitation right now to be amongst the first ones to use XRIBA ecosystem tools as soon as they are released to the market.


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