Xriba is here, the innovative platform for accounting management

Accounting Management: one of the greatest inconveniences of modern business people.

The treasury management is a time consuming activity with many critical issues: no Company can put such an activity aside or manage the same superficially. Or they will face serious administrative and tax implications.

How to get out of this nightmare? Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence can be used in this respect.

Let’s discover the winning strategy of Xriba: the innovative application ready to come onto the market straight after the ICOs, it will be helpful to keep accounting books in complete autonomy, and Blockchain will be involved in order to safely and automatically track the payments to be done and revenues to be received.

Let’s find out more.


Time can be converted in added value thanks to Xriba

All companies are nowadays forced to face a huge amount of working time to manage payments, invoices and, more in general, the business accounting.

There is so much bureaucracy which cannot be procrastinated and which, consequently, takes time out of added value activities, so very precious to increase the business and make each Company on the market get off the ground.

Xriba is going to make things different though: the new innovative platform, in fact, will enable all cash management transactions to be automated, and by saving time and staff they will be then finalized to the Company development.

Not only that: thanks to Xriba, transferring timings of financial resources amongst companies will be reset, in an easy, practical and above all safe way. This is possible because of cryptography.

The innovative software will manage to register the whole process of payments, and will automate all financial reporting practices making them remain always visible and available thanks to the unalterable Blockchain technology.


Artificial intelligence being used on behalf of companies

Xriba’s potential is unlimited: in addition to an easy management of payments via Blockchain – which will take place by making use of cryptographic safety and

cryptocurrencies’ dynamism – the software will make available to users the artificial intelligence to manage the invoices in an easy and automatic way.


Thanks to a OCR complex machine-readable and machine-learning system, recording invoices will be as easy as sending an email. It is not a case that, after issuing an invoice in digital format to the e-mail address associated to Xriba Company account, the documents will be automatically filed within an in-house timetable.

Artificial intelligence software, with the help of a team of professionals, will take charge of every single invoice, and generate independently the whole set of payment dates.

And how the outstanding invoices can be settled? It is all very easy: Xriba will send a notification to the registered devices. A switch is all you need to make the balance happen.

What do you reckon? Xriba and the Blockchain technology make the innovative treasury management, totally safe and with no waste of time, become reality.

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