Xriba Launches Xriba Pay, the First Business Wallet that Makes Crypto Transactions Easier and Cheaper for SMEs and Start-ups.

Start-ups and SMEs are currently struggling to make crypto currency transactions due to difficulty of converting the crypto currency into its equivalent local FIAT currency value.

Right now, it can only be done manually – which costs them more time and money.

There are currently 28 million people globally who want to pay in crypto currency (expected to rise to over 100 million in the next two years) but only 10,000 businesses that are able to accept crypto.

If start-ups and SMEs can’t adapt to accepting crypto they may lose ground on competitors who can.

Xriba Pay is the first business wallet designed specifically for the needs of start-ups and SMEs. It allows them to easily convert crypto currencies into the local FIAT value and record them on their balance sheet.

The Xriba Pay business wallet is now available in beta.

Become a Beta Tester and save time and money on your financial accounting.

You’ll also be able to meet us and sign up for a free trial at the Accounting & Finance Show in Singapore on 16th and 17th October 2018.

Find out more information on our website www.xribapay.com


Xriba Pay is the first business wallet for business transactions.

Send and receive crypto currency payments and automatically reconcile them into your company accounts.

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