Xriba has its roots in the experience of the founder, Gianluca Massini Rosati, who in recent years has given life to an innovative and successful accountancy firm in Italy: Soluzione Tasse.

At the base of this project, a precise objective: to support entrepreneurs as much as possible, by making small medium enterprises (SMEs) pay only the fees they’re actually due, avoiding unnecessary tax and error.

What does this have to do with Xriba?

Simple! Currently 1,000 customers of Soluzione Tasse already using Mastrobook app, the first accounting software aimed at traditional companies.

At the end of the Initial Coin Offering — currently underway- Soluzione Tasse will become part of the Xriba world, digitizing its know-how and transforming it into expertise for the artificial intelligence of the innovative software.

This way companies will be able to benefit from a complete service, which will automate in and out payments and at the same time, will lower the tax burden.

With Xriba Pay only the taxes you owe!

Checking each corporate tax receipt requires a very high effort in terms of working hours. Not carrying out a detailed check of the invoices, however, can expose the company to the payment of sums that are not due for tax or even worse to accounting risks.

Xriba has been designed to screen every single document, automatically categorizing it. In doing so, for example, it will no longer be a problem to store costs and revenues in the accounting, in line with current tax regulations. Or again, a simple click will suffice to identify the amounts to be deducted during the tax reconciliation phase: the ideal not to pay unnecessary taxes.

Save time, cut off the weeds and give space to value-added activities: with Xriba, your company can make the leap in quality!

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