The digital CFO that automates
the accounting of your company

Xribabooks is the intelligent platform that automates your accounting and provides you with the information you need to reduce costs and increase profits.

Updated income statement and corporate KPIs.

Thanks to this tool you will always have your company's KPIs under control and thanks to the predictive algorithms, you can guide your choices as if you had a magic sphere capable of predicting the future.

Management Control

By checking the numbers and administrative processes, you can check the performance of the income statement, manage cash flows, analyze customers and suppliers and plan the tax impact.

Always updated numbers.
It has never been easier.

A simple and intuitive platform that will allow you to manage company accounting and at the same time to have all numbers under control.

Register accounting documents in seconds

XribaBooks App allows you to store all of type receipts and invoices.


Take a photo of your documents.

Easy to customize and view.

Extreme security and reliability.

Register accounting documents.

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